Vol 16, No 01 (2018)

Table of Contents


Effects of high voice reading in reading understanding of primary students PDF (Español)
Karina Sofia Lastre Meza
Attentional and mnemonic profile professional boxers who train at the sports Coliseum in Monteria, Colombia/Perfil atencional y mnémico de los boxeadores profesionales que entrenan en el coliseo deportivo de Montería, Colombia PDF (Español)
León Paolo Londoño
News values: a review of academic literature PDF (Español)
Isaias Molina, Natalia Camargo, Alex Guerrero, Loreta Magallanes
Evaluation of the Program Reciclando Ando in educational institutions and vulnerable communities of Montería-Colombia, under the University Social Responsibility. Study Case/Evaluación del Programa Reciclando Ando en instituciones educativas y comunidades PDF (Español)
Ana Lorena Malluk Marenco
Cultural Consumption as a means for International Tourist development. An analysis applied to Villavicencio – Colombia PDF
María Cristina Otero Gómez, Wilson Giraldo Pérez
Family Educational Practices in the development of social skills rumble between two five year old and in the city of Medellin PDF (Español)
Laura Isaza Valencia
Styles of political leadership of democratically elected presidents in Latin America: a study using probabilistic models PDF (Español)
Liliana Elizabeth Ruiz Acosta, David Andrés Camargo Mayorga
Paraguay and the Complexities of a Bilingual Nation: The Contradiction of the Guarani Language as a National Symbol and its Condition of Diglossia PDF (Español)
Guilherme Von Streber
Approaches for a semiotic analysis of the Eucharistic celebration as a pedagogical act and significant cultural practice PDF (Español)
Luis Enrique Serrano
Language Policy and the Construction of National Identity in Colombia PDF
Joshua James Zwisler