Demographic characterization of informal caretakers of ancient with ictus and dementias in Santiago de Cuba

Larissa Beatriz Turtós Carbonell
Yailén Rodríguez Rosa
Yanetsy Rodríguez Abreu
Erislandy Omar Martínez



The present research was implemented for to obtain a demographic characterization of a population of informal caretaker of ancients with ictus and dementia, and to identify the statistical relationship among demographics characteristics and disease associated with the caretaker job. Was executed a descriptive study with the participation of 237 caretaker. Was applied a Questionnaire for to obtain the necessary information. The data analysis involved descriptive and correlational statistical test. The 71% of caretakers was woman and 28.3% man. The middle age was 49.83 years old, and the middle time of caretaker´s dedication was 42.86 month. The 49.4% of caretakers are son, wife or husband of the patient, thus the 50.6% have other link. The 53.2% is caretaker all the time, and the 46.7% only in part time.

Keywords: Caretakers, Informal caretakers, Dementia, Ictus, Demographic characterization


Cuidador, Cuidador informal, Demencia, Ictus, Características demográfica

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