Medical tourism in Cartagena: “supply and barriers”


  • Francisco José Arias Aragones
  • Alexander Mauricio Caraballo Payares
  • Jairo Miguel Muñoz Rodriguez



medical tourism, medical services, development barriers


This article in research is the result of a study carried out in the sector of medical tourism in the city of Cartagena de Indias, in order to characterize and analyze the supply side. We used the model of the market for medical tourism proposed by Heung, Kucukusta and Song (2010) and a survey of institutions identified as exporters of health services by the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Cartagena. Is concludes that Cartagena stands out by the lower costs and the recognition of them procedures medical. However, the main barriers for the development of this activity are: the insufficient infrastructure health, the shortage of medical and nurses, the increase of the demand local of services of health and the little domain of language foreign that characterized to this sector


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