Design and construction of a reaction system for cyclohexane catalytic aerobic oxidation using cobalt in SBA-3 / Diseño y construcción de un sistema de reacción para la oxidación catalítica aeróbica de ciclohexano utilizando cobalto en SBA-3

Paolo Andrés Cuello Peñaloza
Leda del carmen Pernett Bolaño
Santander Bolivar Solano
Christian Rivera-Goyco



In this work, a reaction system was designed and built to carry out the aerobic oxidation reaction of cyclohexane to obtain cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone using cobalt incorporated in SBA-3 materials as catalysts, which were tested on this reaction using the system. The design comprehended the determination of the wall thickness of the reactor in order for it to perform at 140°C and 8 MPa. It also included the installation of an aeration system which also used to agitate the catalyst in the fluid bulk, the installation of temperature control and monitoring components, a scheme of delivery, measuring and manipulation of airflow, and a condensation of cyclohexane compound at the exit of the reactor. The reaction was carried out at the mentioned conditions during one hour, using two cobalt incorporated SBA-3 catalysts, synthetized previously by doping and incipient wetness impregnation respectively, in a theoretical molar Si/Co ratio of 25. The resulting conversions obtained with the materials were 0.81% and 0.20% for the doped and the impregnated material respectively.

Palabras clave

Cyclohexane aerobic oxidation, Lamé equations, PID control, heterogeneous catalysts, SBA-3 mesoporous materials.

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