Design and adjustment of coupled microalgae oil extraction methods for the development of a topology of biorefinery

Ángel Darío González-Delgado
Viatcheslav Kafarov



Microalgae have the potential to produce a big amount of biodiesel per area unit owing to its high lipid content. However, for a sustainable biodiesel production from microalgae, the concept of biorefinery must be taken into account; this concept can be applied to microalgae biomass for the production of biofuels and high added value products owing to different components present in microalgae strains. Microalgae oil extraction is an important step to take into account for the development of a topology of biorefinery. The main objective of this work is to establish different coupled methods for cell disruption and oil extraction of bioprospected microalgae. Three methods were designed and adjusted to local conditions. For cell disruption experiments, effect of autoclave, hydrolysis and organosolv pretreatment on the increase of extraction efficiency was evaluated. For oil extraction, three solvent based methodologies were developed, ethanol/hexane mixture, continuous reflux solvent extraction and solvent extraction with high speed homogenization. Microalgae used in experimental development were Closterium sp., Navicula sp., Amphiprora sp., Guinardia sp., Botryococcus sp., Desmodesmus sp. and Tetraselmis sp. microalgae strains. Cell disruption procedures that presents better results were acid hydrolysis and organosolv pretreatment, best results for continuous reflux solvent extraction were reached when extraction time was 8 hours and hexane is used as extraction solvent, while solvent extraction with high speed homogenization shows higher oil yields when are used times around 14 minutes and frequencies of 5000 rpm.

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