An analysis of user-interface creation complexity using a model-driven design approach

  • Germán Sánchez Torres Universidad del Magdalena
  • Yonny Fernando Ceballos Universidad de Antioquia
  • Victor Hugo Mercado Universidad de Antioquia


Model-Driven Development (MDD) is a software development approach that facilitates problem comprehension. MDD is carried out based on level of abstraction attained by working with models. When using models to create user-interfaces, development time can be reduced significantly. However, automatic user-interface generation is done with preestablished templates that might not fulfill all the requirements clients. These templates might also be too general and sometimes provide few customization options. In this paper, we review research on the usage of MDD for user-interface development. We also study how automatic user-interface generation can result in limitations as the need might arise for repeatedly modifying model and code.

Biografía del autor/a

Germán Sánchez Torres, Universidad del Magdalena
Profesor asociado, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad del Magdalena
Yonny Fernando Ceballos, Universidad de Antioquia
Profesor asociado, Universidad de Antioquia
Victor Hugo Mercado, Universidad de Antioquia
Profesor catedratico


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